JULY 22-25

JUNE 17-20

After spending the week observing, learning, and creating with nature, each kid will be inducted into the Crestline Nature Study Society. They will be given their own certificate and badge after induction. Each new member will take home their own CNSS Nature Journal. We will spend our days honing our observation skills, fostering curiosity and wonder of all things nature, and making things using materials from nature. We will make our own kokedama hanging garden, nature prints with clay, and botanical jewelry. We will have nature scavenger hunts and dissect plants. We will also bake some cookies using herbs! 


JUNE 3-6

JULY 15-18


What if you could be an astronaut for a day? How exactly do rockets work? We'll make our own rocket to find out! What if you were a king or queen for a day? You have to figure out how to save your (miniature) kingdom from dangerous Oobleck! Have you ever been scared in the dark? Learn how to make your own flashlight! What if you could be a part of a band?  Make your own street instrument out of things you'd find around your house! After completing these challenges you'll earn your Super Scientist Badge and be inducted into the Scientist Hall of Fame!


JUNE 10-13

Get ready for a week of good ol' competition. We'll play recess games like capture the flag, four-square and BUMP. We'll also introduce some old-school games like Kick-the-Can and Steal the Bacon. And we'll revisit the beloved game of Duckie Ball, created by veteran students from CDS. At the end of the week we will have an awards ceremony. 


JUNE 24-27

Your mission during this week of camp, should you choose to accept it, will require you to explore the ideas of architectural and structural design. Each project designer this week will work with a team to explore various engineering challenges. We will design and build both bridges and towers, and test the weight that each can hold. This week will also include the excitement of LEGO building. You won’t want to miss the engaging mental challenges that this week presents!


JULY 8-11

geared towards 4K-2nd

(but ages 4K-5th are welcome!)

Each day will be full of pretend play activities and crafts. First we will become veterinarians and take care of ailing (stuffed) animals. Each child will adopt an animal to take home! The next day we will embark on a camping trip! We’ll make our own trail mix and sing by the pretend fire and gather around for reading in our tent. The next day we will all become undercover agents with mysteries that must be solved. We will make our own spy kits. And on the final day we will be in an enchanted kingdom full of knights and dragons and princesses and unicorns.



     For our final week of summer camp, we will bring together the best of each camp for one last hurrah. Based on the kid’s favorites, we will bring back games, crafts, experiments, building toys, books, activities and snacks.


JULY 22-25

This is a special class we added for 6th-8th graders by request. Taught by Nikki, (who makes embroidered necklaces as a side-gig), students will learn basic embroidery skills. Each student will design and work on one project of his/her choice. Mrs. Nikki will take each student step-by-step through the process and introduce each one to the tools and skills needed for the project. Space is limited!

rising 6th-8th